Located in Seaford, Delaware, we have been servicing the local area with commercial and residential high quality mulch products since 1995.

With our experience and expertise on a variety of services, we can help you accomplish your goal to get the job done with quality products.


Mr. Mulch can guarantee the highest quality mulch because we produce it right here in Seaford, Delaware. All of our mulch is double shredded and is available in 4 colors: brown, red, hardwood, and black.

Facts about Mulch

  • Mulch adds nutrients to the soil
  • Mulch retains moisture
  • Mulch can help control weeds
  • Mulch slows topsoil erosion
  • Mulch protects plant roots

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Sands & Soils

Mr. Mulch carries a variety of sand and soil products to assist you with your specific project.

  • Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil. It is darker in color because it is made up of minerals, organic matter, water, and air.
  • Fill dirt usually found beneath topsoil. It may contain sand, rocks, stones, and earth.
  • Compost is organic material that is rich in nutrients. It contains dead leaves, branches, twigs, grass clippings, and more.
  • Sand is a granular material made up of very small rock and mineral particles. It is great for drainage because water tends to pass much more quickly than soil.

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Mr. Mulch offers a wide selection of stone and gravel products to fit your landscaping or project needs.

Possible Uses

  • Driveways
  • Create walkways
  • Erosion control
  • Plant beds
  • Perimeter of trees
  • Improve drainage
  • Base for stone pavers

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Recycled Materials

Mr Mulch offers Recycled Materials, such as Crushed Concrete and Millings, which are ideal for projects when drainage is important.

Possible Uses

  • Driveways
  • Parking areas
  • Improve drainage
  • Base for stone pavers

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Cambridge Pavers

Create the outdoor living space of your dreams with Cambridge Pavers. From walkways to patios, to retaining walls, to outdoor kitchens, we have Cambridge Pavers products that you need.

Cambridge Products

  • Pavingstone Systems
  • Wallstone Systems
  • Outdoor Living Solutions

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Mr. Mulch offers Yard Waste disposal services and Product Delivery. Click on a service below to learn more.