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Pavingstone Systems

The interlocking Cambridge Pavingstones system with the added value of ArmorTec for your patio, pool deck, walkway and driveway is a quality maintenance-free alternative to asphalt, poured and stamped concrete, asphalt and clay brick.

The Sherwood Collection

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The Renaissance Collection

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The RoundTable Collection

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The KingsCourt Collection

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The Excalibur Collection

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The Crusader Collection

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South Beach Collection

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Natural Stone Collection

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Permeable Pavements

A Permeable Pavement System from Cambridge is an economically smart decision for the rapid removal of storm water on driveways, parking lots and roads.

By allowing for natural drainage and ground water recharge, water runoff is reduced affording outstanding economical benefits over a 30-year lifecycle cost analysis.

Wallstone Systems

Install freestanding walls, knee walls, sitting walls, retaining walls, planters, tree rings, garden borders, columns, stone veneer and more.

Create short or tall walls in straight, curved, serpentine or circular designs. Add a built-in outdoor kitchen and refreshment bar.

Choose from several styles in colors that match or complement Cambridge Pavingstones to complete your landscape design.

Ledgestone Wall

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Olde English Wall™

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Sigma Wall Systems

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Omega Wall Systems

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Outdoor Living Solutions

With complete kits from Cambridge, it’s easy to install a circular barbeque and fire pit to your backyard sanctuary as well as decorative and functional columns to your Cambridge Wall System.

Cambridge Pavers Grill Module Kits

Grill Module Kits

Cambridge Pavers Patio Pub & Bistro Table Kits

Patio Pub & Bistro Table Kits

Cambridge Pavers Bar Module Kits

Bar Module Kits

Cambridge Pavers Pizza Oven Kits

Pizza Oven Kits

Cambridge Pavers Kitchen Kits

Kitchen Kits

Cambridge Pavers Fireplace Kits

Fireplace Kits

Cambridge Pavers Waterfall Kits

Waterfall Kits

Cambridge Pavers Fire & Water Kits

Fire & Water Kits

Cambridge Pavers Fountain Kits

Fountain Kits

Cambridge Pavers BBQ & Fire Pit Kits

BBQ & Fire Pit Kits

Cambridge Pavers Column Kits & Mailbox Kits

Column Kits & Mailbox Kits

Cambridge Pavers Cast Stone Caps & Stair Kits

Cast Stone Caps & Stair Kits

Cambridge Pavers Pergola Kits

Pergola Kits

Cambridge Pavers Pavilion Kits

Pavilion Kits

Cambridge Pavers Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape Lighting

Cambridge Pavers Seating Walls & Benches

Seating Walls & Benches

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Line Specifications

Download our complete product line specifications.

How Are Concrete Pavers Produced?

All brands of concrete pavers comprise a mix of sand, aggregate, cement, pigment and a limited amount of water. Cambridge has advanced this age-old technology to a level of perfection that we call ArmorTec.

What Is The ArmorTec Advantage?

All Cambridge Pavingstones are made with ArmorTec and have a smooth and dense surface with rich color that will maintain its true integrity. No unsightly holes, or blemishes from stone particles will show on the surface because only super-fifi ne sand granules (WITHOUT ANY small and large stone particles), along with the highest quality cement are used.

Need More Quality Assurance?

ArmorTec meets or exceeds standards set by Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and ASTM International.

ArmorTec® Legendary Advantages

  • Every Cambridge Pavingstone has ArmorTec which is a unique mix design used only by Cambridge
  • Super-strong ArmorTec hard facing is a “one-piece” process that is manufactured “into” every Cambridge Pavingstone – not “added on” afterwards
  • Stronger than poured and stenciled concrete and meet ASTM International’s Designation C936
  • ArmorTec’s rich color is derived from iron-oxide pigment that meets ASTM International Designation C-979-82
  • Resistant to chipping, de-icing salts and snow plowing
  • Unaffected by frost due to low absorption and meet ASTM International’s Designation C936
  • Skid and slip resistant… perfect around pools and meet ASTM International’s Designation F1677

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